Might Not Look Like Much...

Generic geezer, tables chockablock with Boomer kid ham era cliches with dials, but not so fast.

Let the Actual Generative Intelligence between your ears kick-in like good old theater of the mind, and you'll feel authentic ham lethargy sweep over your soul.

You're hot. You're drenched. Your fanny pack is chafing and if you don't sit down and bend an elbow any minute...hey wait.

You're home! It's only Dayton The Home Version, and you're free to hit the rec room fridge but steps away for a beer and a sandwich, poured right and piled high, just like you like it.

You can talk about the immediacy of social media-casting, but why surrender to somebody's else's curation, when our Dayton The Home Version puts you in the driver's seat.

You imagine a flea market without superfluous decorative candle crafts, end caps of scrap medical electronics, and piles of human hair, just $2.99 a hank.

Or maybe you look forward to that brutally surreal merchandise mix. Then imagine it! Our trick-kneed back-aching geezer supplicating before the DX-100 of his childhood dreams is strictly a springboard to points known to you alone.

Unchanged & Improved

Down in the dumps because you can't make Dayton?

Indulge yourself, with Dayton The Home Version, our immersive multimedia replication of ham radio's Big Event, convenient as a medley of frozen peas and carrots you boil in a bag,
yet free as air used to be at the gas station.

It lives...featuring vintage Dayton suspended ceiling tiles, each different as snowflakes. The smoky stories they could tell!

Encounter a medley of new and same old ham gear and sundries from international corporate partners, like UK's Airedale Wireless Works re-introducing Verti-Valve vacuum tube technology, conspicuously absent since the mid-1930s.

Here's the quaint, quirky, always be a Fair Albion touch of raffish offhand class Anglophile hams have been standing on queue for. In addition to Verti-Valves, Airedale will offer optional handsome harness leather strapping for its curious cabinetry.

Something about those vertically-oriented valve schematics was lost for so many decades. You never knew exactly their significance. Somehow, it just seemed cooler. Like British Racing Green. Then again, you saw those vertical elements in American schematics of a certain epoch, so go figure, eh?

Now properly retrofitted, Airedale's Viscount will surely attract attention it was shortchanged when debuted some years ago at Dayton the Home Version.

Verti-Valves, from Airedale Wireless Works. Don't ask why. Anyone who knows will tell you, "Just because."

Countering the waterfall display fad, America's very own Deluxe Luxury Laboratories will again trot out their Dual Beach Display, confident that waterfall faddists will come to their senses and trade-up!

Imagine, instead of plain old drip,drip,drip, you get rolling surf, PLUS rocks and sand and big big sky, for a display that tells EXTRA more than you need to know!

Now take a closer look.

Deluxe Luxury Laboratories' System DDATBD may seem like fine laminated photo furniture turned on its side, but no...it's a fully-featured 21st century all-band amateur radio with a touch of rustic charm found so lacking in today's menu-driven, software-defined hokey-wokey Un-Thrill Boxes.

Now look again!

See the mesh overlays on the Dual Day At The Beach units?

That's right, besides next-gen displays, they're advanced stereophonic speakers.

Sight 'n Sound, Baby!

System DDATBD goes double like no other radio on the market, showing AND telling, twice as much and more because too much is just right!

From Dashtoons' corporate partner Deluxe Luxury Laboratories ...where the nameplate gets precisely screwed-on in the USA, before the supply chain gets interrupted.

HAM-spitality is our Speciality!

Yes, these world-class virtual gifts are no more real than our virtual event, yet there's something about cunningly miniature ammenities, even if only pictures, that makes you feel like you got something for nothing you paid for, even though in this case, you didn't.