4 UR Next Big Adventure..

Rely on K1NSS Design.

Whether your crew is planning a stealthy DX commando raid or a balls-out major DXpedition, consider us for globally-tested ham graphics.

The 2016 Heard Island Expedition relied on K1NSS Design for both logo and supplemental graphics that ginned-up an innovative online/social media outreach unprecedented in DX history.

So did DipperDX, four savvy Norwegian DXers, also lighting out half way around the world as VK9CK, making over 10,000 QSOs taking advantage of the splashy new ham media wave, with a hot mix of snappy pix and ham-made logo graphics, designed to translate nicely to a variety of merchandise.

We bring the same full legal limit fun approach to our DX and club logos as our custom QSL designs. Yep, we'll design your QSL too.

Email me about your next big adventure and let's get acquainted with a free consultation.




DipperDX logo

Dandy Dipper.

We did this for a new Norwegian DX club who carried off a nifty and reasonably comfortable 2016 DXpedition on the Coco (Keeling) Islands in the Indian Ocean as a VK9/C.

Their mascot - the Dipper - is a stout and very game little bird that dives right in the drink after snacks and seems like the ultimate personification of can-do ops with a taste for life's pleasures, not excluding holiday umbrella drinks.

CLICK HERE and keep up with the dauntless Dipper DXers as they plan new adventures, regular guys out for good times and seriously fun hamming.

First Heard Island, now Cocos Islands and beyond with the Dipper DXers – it looks like we're beginning to get noticed all around the DX world. So if you're thinking you'd like your outfit to get noticed, why not get in touch with us now?



©2014 Heard Island DXpedition

We've designed logos for a variety of distinguished ham radio efforts, organizations and businesses. Perhaps the highest profile is the one above, and we're proud to play a small part of this high adventure combining extreme DX operations and scientific exploration between South Australia and the South Pole.

K1NSS Design logos are usually $175, including a $50 PayPal startup fee, $125 balance payable on completion to your satisfaction. Consultations free, EMAIL ME and let me know what you have in mind. Same as our custom QSLs, the process is very collaborative with plenty of opportunity for mid-course corrections. No surprises. You'll get mock-ups to review, share and tweak with your group before you commit to final art. Ask our customers. We roll back and forth until you say it's right.


Diablo DXers logo

©2014 Diablo DXers Club, SF Bay Area


Texas Antennas logo

©2014 Texas Antennas/Mark Hooper N5WEB





©2014 NOISE BLANKERS/Ham Hijinks


Short Wave Shindig

©2014 Shortwave Shindig /Shortwaveology

PL259 Logo

©2014 Pizza Lovers 259 Contest Club