Some Like It Noir.

All right, so our fun portrait of Chris KC9IEQ runs a little Dark Side Maltese Falcon retro, but there's method to our sketchy render. See, The Kid is very big into old radios that wouldn't look out of place in Sam Spade's office. Chris really owns that mike and lots more vintage gear AND restores classic juke boxes just like the platter player Marlon "Johnny" Brando fed in the The Wild One.

So what your passion, buster?

At K1NSS Design , we're prepared to mix it up and bring your wild style to life with a fun portrait for your wall, your website, wherever you'd like to be up front and personal.




WRTC drawings

2014 WRTC/volunteer.images used with permission ©2014

Summer 2014: K1NSS Design enters into a clandestine semi-cloak-and-dagger cartoon conspiracy with organizers of the World Radiosport Team Championship 2014.


In recognition of eight supporting "Super Volunteers," we were commissioned to created a series of lighthearted portraits celebrating the volunteers' contributions to WRTC 2014, as well as their passions inside and out of their shacks.

During the process, we got to learn something about some real hams' hams and document a bit of their part in amateur radio history, and we felt honored for that opportunity.zoning

So if you ever wondered if we'd draw custom fun stuff like this for club activities or some special ham of your acquaintance, by golly yes we would! And we have, in a pretty big way.

Detailed portraits like these would be $175 dollars. (Smaller pictures here are just portions of larger portraits like the photo and below)Let me know if you're interested and I'll PayPal invoice you for $50 upfront to start sketching ideas. When we settle on a provisional design, I'll finish the art to your satisfaction and invoice you for the $125 balance. Simpler line portraits without backgrounds and mulitple props would begin at $100. I can work from from your good close-up photographs.

We create the image and send you the printer-ready, high-resolution art file. It's up to you to have the image printed and framed, but if you're not sure where to get that done, we'll do our best to help you identify an appropriate local digital art printer and framing options, for best presentation.

Yeah, besides hams and ham radios, we love to draw vintage drill presses (our bro collects 'em!) Beagle Baileys and canning jars and all the stuff of real life beyond the shack.

K1WHS portrait promo


CLICK HERE and EMAIL US! Consult is free, we're always glad to chat about your ideas.

And VY FYI, we've granted ourself full artistic license to draw un-ham-licensed people, pets, and inanimate objects, so long as the images are family-friendly and not copies of copyrighted characters such as the Simpsons. Keep our informal, affordable portraits in mind for your group, business, friends and family.



©2014 Rogier Willems/Mac Expert - with permission

Casual business graphic for San Francisco Bay Area IT professional Rogier Willems, principle of Mac Expert.




©2014 S.Neidlinger

Anniversary gift for Sheri, XYL of Philip KA4KOE.