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Check out our new K1NSS Custom QSL design featuring that Waskley Waven, shape-shifting gadfly of worldwide folklore. Did you know a raven named the Egyptian city of Cairo? Under some very shifty circumstances, he tagged it Al Kahira, "The Victorious," which also in Arabic means Mars, like the planet.

This bird is painted up, very broadly speaking, in the manner of Northwest Native American Art, in which Raven is the mover and shaker of many things great and small, always the trickster, the wiseapple, the Bad Boy everybody loves so long as he's bugging somebody else.




Type in discount code DASH when you order SHORTWAVE SHINDIG'S COOLEST SHIRTS ON SHORTWAVE and save a sweet and tidy 10 percent!

For sure, all the hep ham kids these days are into funky retro Telefunken table radio looks, and so are their seniors, who remember a time before International Coffees, when the only place cats and chix could find a fix of Continental Cool was the city-studded analog dial of a sleek European multibander.


Jump back all you protest kids! T-shirts featuring the Uber Groovy DAVID GOREN'S SHORTWAVE SHINDIG graphic by K1NSS are now available in black and white and a range of sizes. Put on the latest and look your greatest. Click THE COOLEST SHIRTS ON SHORTWAVE and order yours today!





©2014 Frank Skinner KØJQZ

©2014 John Davis WV8J

en Plein Air

After what seems like two winters' worth of cabin fever, everybody wants out and about, including our custom QSL clients. Our latest designs take to the hills for amateur radio al fresco in a couple of different styles.

Frank KØJQZ is an avid Colorado SOTA summiteer and this was our take on keeping it real in the field. Frank sometimes treks with another Dash!Chum and K1NSS QSL customer, world famous SOTA Goat Hiker Steve WGØAT.

John WV8J wanted something fun that referenced his beautiful state and Potawatomi heritage, so we managed to work in a tribal beadwork pattern on one side of the tipi door balanced by a map to ID his QTH. John also requested eagles and his children asked for Native American canoists to represent themselves, so we positioned three Baldies as air cover and topped off the scene with a happy little eaglet for the kids.

Might we design a card for you? Details here.




Thanks to the hospitality of QSL printer Randy KB3IFH, we'll be hangin' out from time to time TBA at his 2014 Dayton Hamvention exhibit in North Hall 190.

Drop by, say hi, check out Randy's full range of specialty ham printing services and chat with me about the custom QSL or bespoke graphics project that just might be on your mind.

We're in business independently, but Randy has produced the majority of my cards and has become my recommended printer of choice on the strength of my customers' satisfaction. And trust me, I know just how particular they are!

At this point, Randy contacts me directly if he has a technical question about the artwork, which simplifies life for our customers as well as ourselves, so everybody wins.

Of course, KB3IFH QSL CARDS is about lots more than custom service. Randy offers of wealth of ready-to-go designs, plus card stock and coating options, and he'll help you fine-tune your QSL selection and turn your job around on time.

See ya at Dayton!



The Kids Are All Right.

Recently I had the pleasure (GULP!) of introducing my nephews' scout group to Morse code and touted ham radio as a fun way to play it. Nervous? Yes. But several Dash!Chums had my back with cool videos, including one from our latest Too Cool D!Chum Jordan Cummins EI4HLB, Ireland's youngest op at 14. Via his parents Lisa EI9GSB and Anthony EI3GAB, I asked Jordan if he could make a quick encouraging video that spoke directly to the scouts. He did and it was a hit. CLICK HERE and see it now! And keep up with Jordan's scramble up Mt. DXCC and more at his terrific blog EI4HLB YOUTH SPARK!





Double Creature Feature.

This year the Old Crow and the Dog-Faced Ham are takin' it to Dayton's notorious back street bazaar for a TWO IN ONE TAILGATE SALE beyond the Valley of Ten Thousand Plastic Woodgrain 24-hour Clocks.

Yes, beyond the high mucky muck hams and their fancypants booths, their glib patter and glittering exhibits, back amongst the fire eaters and gypsy eyebrow stringers, you'll find WA4SQM and K1NSS with everything from vintage Collins to fine ham radio cartoon art and literature.

Sure, they might look a little dodgy.

But hey, if you can stand two hams together and not make an odd couple, one's sure to be an imposter. So look beyond externals and don't miss the fine monkeybusiness of our MUST SEE FLEA!