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Here's our latest K1NSS Design custom QSL...our 73rd to be precise, something of a ham radio milestone!

Sure as shootin', W7WXX had a pretty good idea of what he wanted. Mic sent us a quick sketch, plus a photo of himself CQ DXing with leg key, all duded up in Resistol, cattleman's coat and...running shoes, but then, doesn't Willie Nelson wear those so isn't that Outlaw enuff? Anyway, we swapped Mic's trainers for boots and spurs, redrew the CodeSlinger in the sketchy scuffy retro style Mic requested, overlayed on old paper background, then dug up an appropriately old school font, and...got 'er done.

Point is, we take a collaborative approach to bring your dream QSL alive. This truly is Mic's design with a little help from K1NSS. With us, you don't at all need to know for sure where you want to go, but if you do, we're prepared to get you there.


Kid HAMemoirs

Some poignant scenes excerpted from "Lid, Kid, Space Cadet, The First Book of Dash!" available as an economical eBook from Lulu.com.



"It's Going To The Shop."

Once upon a time, profoundly broken televsions were untimely ripped from living rooms. Parents said it wasn't the end of the world, but it was, in the most fundamental sense, until one day my trauma was eased by treasure.



"Wanna Dead Soldier?"

I kept it in a box with my sock drawer with rocks, shells, foreign coins and piece of coral with which I bored three successive grades of Show & Tell. In time, my burned-out tube collection eclipsed all my other specimens and bored one more elementary grade.


Youth Wants To Know.

Specifically, I wanted to know what happened when you dissected a vacuum tube with a claw hammer. When I finally acquired enough valves to spare, my forensic autopsies began.