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By The Sweet
Bubbling Foo, No He Ain't

Introducing a new Friend of the Short Waves, now appearing from behind clouds of solder smoke at our exlcusive FOSW World Monitor Command. He'll remain a mystery unless you click here to Command Page Alpha.

And if you're equally mystified about the likes of Smokey Stover, click here and and get back to the source of Foo Fighters!
No, not Dave Grohl's band, the real Foo Fighters of World War Two – named after wacky stuff from one of the most koo-koo bird strips in the history of American Sunday Funnies.

What are Sunday Funnies? Aw jeeze. Imagine rolling around on giant graphic novel pages spread out across the living room carpet,while the air is thick with the aroma of blackened roast beef, the dread of molded Lime Jello Salad is palpable, and you're deadflat clueless why some fat old blowhard in a fez is funny when he says "FAP!" but he just is.

Once giants strutted the comics Dear Reader, when Sunday newspapers were thick as thieves, unless the deliverymen went on strike.

When that happened, the mayor stepped-up to the plate and read you Sunday funnies over the radio.

Sorrow, Sadness and Misery, got that Dear Reader?



Another Country Heard From.

We're now at work on a new card for a very active British QRP op, adding a new country to our global roster of K1NSS Custom QSL clients. Click here or the adverts above and below to see our portfolio and complete details how we work.




Carriage Trade.

Gotta tell ya Ladies and Gentlemen, this level of radio play is several orders of magnitude above our pension grade, but we're delighted to have Airedale Wireless Works helping to underwrite Dashtoons' very popular and pretty new Friends of The Short Wave page. And to think, long ago our closest degree of separation from the Royal Family was a marvelous little Centurion Tank with real rubber treads, made in England by Dinky Toys when Harold Macmillan was at 10 Downing. Mind you, we've signed a lot documents promising not to chatter too much about the underwriters of our underwriters, so please understand if we say no more. But of course we shan't, nudge-nudge, wink-wink.

Fall in DXer's! Check out Dashtoons' swell NEW PAGE, focusing like a beady little Magic Eye on everbody's favorite Friendly Frequencies. There's something about Autumn Short Wave that feels foreboding, you know, in a good way - like a campfire ghost story, only with radios. Wooooo! Number Station gonna get you! Click here and join the fun.





Jersey Boy Wonder

Our second op in the FOSW spotlight is a most familiar name and call in monitoring and amateur radio circles. His editorial and authorial work has been widely published in SWL and ham media, including QST and CQ magazines. Count on Skip N2EI for what's what in playin' radio!

His classic Radio Monitoring, The How-To Guide is now available as a free download at North American Shortwave Association's website.

Plus aside from all those aetherial pursuits, Thomas Arey is also Senior Adjunct Lecturer in Philosophy and Comparative Religion at Burlington County College in the Garden State. Cap'n Skip was U.S.Army sky pilot too!

We're proud to count this thoughtful gentleman and very good sport among our Dash!Chums.

PS: Are YOU a Friend of the Short Waves? Get the Official T-Shirt now at our kicky fab gear SWL Boutique...lots more swell Short Wave swag!




W4VPZ Story

























If he only had a Genuine HamYoot OLD MAN Mask, he might have felt more at home at his local radio club meeting and not let his Technician license expire.

Well, if we're too late to Elmer poor Jason, there's still time to reach out to you ham youngsters with a wild, free and big fun Maker Project on a whole new Dashtoons page created to WOW your kind of whippersnapper.

Introducing HamYoot – the smart internet tree fort reserved for Future Amateurs of Today In Step With Tomorrow! We speak your language, we groove your music, we read you like a Raspberry Pi hacked into an Altoid tin with Arduinos on top.

Thing is, for the time being, pipe down about all that kooky stuff. It makes Geezers so nervous they gnaw their cardigan sweaters and wear oatmeal for breakfast. Your time will come. For now, click here and keep busy with HamYoot!





Big Picture.

Dash!Chums, thanks for putting us on on the map.

K1NSS Custom QSL and Dashtoons are going global thanks to your support. To our customers and fans, a big thank you for rocking our world.



la Collection YL
de K1NSS.

You're invited to step back into YL QSL history in our new online gallery.

We're a long way from hanging the whole shootin' match, and we're a little short on Chablis and cheese and crackers for the opening, but we do offer a some curious, cool and sweetly retro YL cards for your appreciation.



photo link

Short Wave, Long Term.

Calling all Friends of the Short Waves!

We're spreading the word about Ears To Our World, a charity founded by Dash!Chum Thomas Witherspoon, K4SWL.

ETOW distributes wind-up radios to isolated villages around the world, an effort inspired by the beguiling radio magic about which we're all mad as hatters.

Here at Dashtoons, we kid radio because we love radio, make no mistake about that. So smitten, we support Ears To Our World as a vital 21st century force for public education and personal liberation. Plain and simple, radio is all about becoming airborne – that's what it was to us and remains so in this digital age, especially in remote and developing areas beyond the internet, cell phones and electric power.

Featured in Wall Street Journal magazine, ETOW makes it very easy to contribute whatever you can to foster communications where it's needed most.

Check out the Ears To Our World site now and join us in supporting a good thing for a better world.

Just between you and me and Dash!, it's personal.