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Baba Yagi Radiosportronics' CEO Almighty Vlad has announed the soft landing of his BY1 Chicken-Legged Ham Shack/Plantery Rover. In his dual capacity as Maximum President of Rfchokia, A.Vlad staked his breakaway republic's claim to exclusive time share DX shack development rights, egging the faces of space moguls Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos who Vlad alleges are now "Sobbing like puny American babies with loaded diapers."







Almighty Vlad also thumbed his nose at new American President Donald Trump, who recently vowed to have astronauts on the Martian surface before the end of his term or he'll eat a piece of chocolate as cake big as Alaska and another Texas.

"Why bother boychik? "Chortled Vlad. "Victorious Rfchokian hams already beat you like Cranky red planet stepchild!"

Just who or what is aboard this unconventional, reputedly hammed spacecraft shack remains unknown, but as events unfold, you can be sure Dashtoons and Voice of Rfchokia World Wide Shortwave Television will combine resources to bring you the very latest.


They thought they were so big.

Maxi-monied space moguls Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are on the brink of total hamiliation after Baba Yagi Radiosportronics CEO Almighty Vlad announced acquistion of Mars orbit by his Planetary Mobile Ham Shack BY1.

The revolutionary spacecraft / ham habitat is expected to make a soft landing on the surface of Mars within days and in short order begin providing Earth ops with the ultimate New One.

"Eat sands of Mars, Failure Twins!" chortled Vlad, dual Maximum President of both Baba Yagi and the breakaway republic of Rfchokia, fomerly known as South Pottsylvania before the tyrannical ham equipment manufacturer began stealing market share with his hand-hewn coal-fired 20 megawatt linear amplifier/samovars and ploughing his profits back into a secret space program, culminating in the first hammed mission to Mars.

Prior to this startling technological coup, Bezos and Musk were counting their hyperluxurious time share Martian condo/bolt hole/spa chickens before they hatched, confident their rockets would reach the Red Planet in plenty of time to carve up Mars like a Trillionaire's Butterball...but not so fast!

Aside from rumors of DX rentals and an affordable ham radio themed water park, few details have emerged about Baba Yagi's plans for Martian development beyond special event operations.

Stay tuned to Dashtoons for breaking developments as amateur radio appears on the astonishing cusp of becoming the yellow of the 21st century daisy!



Why would any 1960s kid wanna be that guy?

I'm not sure and but it looks like an illustration by QST artist Phil "Gil" Gildersleeve, here, uh,"sampled" in sixties era stock QSL art, something like my Novice card and every third new ham in those Cold War/Space Race years.

Long, long ago, it was emblematic of ham radio from what seemed to us then, long long ago. And somehow, a part of our wild mild kiddo hearts was fired by that overtly tame, very young Jimmy Stewart-ish image of ourselves, pipe in place, silhoutted in the autumnal glow of vacuum tube filaments, tuned into a wide, mad, mysterious world, a cozy domestic magic moment, strange as a having a conversation with a copy of National Geographic.

To a lot of kids then, such a scene wasn't likely so compelling. But to some of us, geez, I just don't know. Like, from what planet did these goofy notions come, and how can they linger for another sixty years?

In the 1930s, I can see this appealing to a mess of younger people.The term "Short Wave" was every bit as buzzy as "Brooklyn" and a lot of smart cookies hitched their wagons to radio's shooting star. By Telstar, the Beatles, Yuri Gagarin and John Glenn, it would seem a picture like this would be strictly Andy Hardy meets Jack Armstrong, Wheaties' all-American radio serial boy. Who are they? No matter, no mas.

Which leads me to an ancillary poser. Were YLs of a certain age drawn to this Strange Attractor? Couldn't begin to speculate, but I would love to hear YLs' side of it, especially those drawn to ham radio as kids, when many others, regardless of gender, were thinking more about bright lights big city pop culture and the explosive social/poltical events of the day.

Not to say one couldn't try to follow the whole ball of wax then. God knows, I tried. But always, I kept on ear on the low end of fourty and twenty meter CW. And when I did, and I heard the "yoop-yoop" of chirpy Eastern European signals rise up like tropical birds at jungle dawn, I felt like I was that guy, that funny little guy with a too-big head, albeit without the pipe.

PS: Tried the pipe in college, but by then, no radio. I dunno, maybe I needed to wear a sweater vest, plus fours, saddle shoes and tune a Super Skyrider to tie everything together and make it work, but nah, only in my dreams Jeeves, only in my dreams.


PS: Click here for Nils on




Do you feel it?

Different vibe this time. Like all bets are off. Anything can happen. Shoot the Moon. Maybe it's the change of venue, but more than that, ham radio is abuzz with something we don't recall in 50 years of Old Manhood.

Here at Dashtoons, we're keeping an eye on this approaching Planet X of a new ham convention and we'll provide you the varnished, un-fact-checked coverage you've come to expect from our dubious sources.

To serve hams, that's what amateur radio boffins say this earth-shaker from the depths of the unknown is all about. But then, the Comet Kohoutek was supposed to sit up on its tail and spit wooden nickels into the Big Dipper.

No, we don't think that's in the cards for Xenia 2017. But we're pretty sure it's gonna be a serious doozey.






Bon Jornu!

Fun to create this sunny Sicilian greeting for Igor IT9GQB. Lately we've had a nice collection of Mediterranean commissions, including Italy and Greece. Many lands to go!




K1NSS Design Tapped

Proud to announce we've just been tapped on the Begali Keys site as a collaborative partner. K1NSS Design joins others including major Dash!Chums Randy Dorman of crowd-pleaser KB3IFH QSL Cards and W8IRV, Nils R. Bull Young, former builder of legendary R.L. Drake radios and ham's ham behind his nonpareil Tagalong Press. More to come, stay tuned!

Oh! The Hamanity

Check out Dashtoons' new page dedicated to what we've drawn so far in our capacity as K9YA Telegraph cartoonist, including panels for both Oh! The Hamanity and Hamfest of a Thousand Sorrows. Natch, you gotta subscribe to the Telegraph if you want to get 'em fresh off the drawing board, but the good news is a subscription is FREE if you sign up HERE!

PS: Who the heck is that guy? He's the cherry no damn good brother-in-law who comes with a certain Hallicrafters S-85 on sale at our Hamfest of a Thousand Sorrows. Isn't life just like a hamfest? You take the bad with the good and hope somehow you at least break even.





Unreliable sources are reporting that ham radio's magazine of record, QST is rebranding to capture the serene, fancy-schmancy market share that glides through life in a perfect state of equipoise, its sweat smelling like lavender Glade.

Not exactly insiders say the popular but microniched ham magazine saw breakout opportunity in amateur radio's sudden vogue and is targeting demographics formerly ceded to Atlantic Monthly, the Economist, and Modern Language Association's Annual Nordic Automobile Rating Issue.


Other sources not terribly close to QST are strongly hinting the ARRL will soon announce plans to relocate from Newington, Connecticut to Davos, Switzerland, where the skies are not cloudy all day because Blackwater guys discharge automatic weapons at any clouds with the temerity to show themselves.

Most hush-hush of all is unconfirmed intel that remaining inventories of official League blazers are being sold to Century 21 Real Estate for distribution to their agents. In place of the blazers, designers are said to be working out the kinks on an ARRL vinyl jumpsuit prototype with an retro-electro"Der Kommissar" kind of feel.


Better stay tuned.



California fabric artist/quilter Saraj Cory, KU6F, is among our most singular custom QSL clients, here stepping out in her new custom VANS® footwear.

©2016 KU6F image used with permission

Saraj modded the design we recently created for her and uploaded the image to Vans' custom site, winding up with one wild pair of plimsoles, perhaps the first 813-powered sneakers on the planet.

What a kick! We expect most of our clients will continue to use their K1NSS custom designs primarly for QSL cards, but you never know where you might see our work running wild in the streets!

What might we draw for you?



You and THIS Army!

Fussing. Fighting. Cliques and Know-It-Alls.

Had it up to here with your ham club?

That's the problem. It's not your ham club. You're not large and in charge. But with Members Only ARC, you're Maximum President For Life!

First of all, YOU my friend, are bigger than all the other members. So you say what's on the menu for Field Day. And what antennas to use. And who gets the leftover hot dog rolls.

The best thing about Members Only ARC, is you talk and nobody walks. Because these losers are stuck to little squares of plastic!

Plus all they do is talk to one another all day and night on the repeater. So top club score in Sweepstakes, CQWW, ARRL DX, every damn contest on the face of the earth is yours for the taking of a single point!

Right now, Members Only ARC in still on the drawing board.

But who knows just what might available as a free mini poster at Dayton 2017?

With extra cheese, but of course.

No Mint, No Pillow, No Problem.

Word on the air is that a new entry-level hotel will be opening just in time for the big event in a familiar neighborhood. While not yet Michelin guide-rated, Flop Band Suites is rumored to offer cut-above-the-weeds accomodations at attractive rates by slashing frills to the bone without sacrificing too much of the marrow.

Featuring firm bedding and personal privacy screens, not- recently redecorated Flop Band Suites still provide all you need for forty winks in your clothes a good two feet off the floor. You'll sleep like a baby and bounce right back in the morning, while spendthrifts in overpriced luxury motorcourts are still woozy from their complimentary fried dough breakfast and fit to be tied with their non-functioning free WIFI.

Flop Band Suites. Why pay more for someplace you're just gonna leave?




2018 Bouvet Island Dxpeditionary EME is big news among Moonbounce Boffins and stuff of dreams for us hundred watt and a dipole pluggers. We did this up for the Bouvet team not too long ago and are proud to do our little part supporting this very big DX deal.

Click here and keep up with all the Bouvet Island updates!





with permission ©2017 SV1QFV


Old School MM!

Our latest K1NSS Custom commission is our first from Greece. Billy was open to something unusual so we went the good old Grecian Urn Look route, as seen through the prism of amateur radio. If that looks like Greek to you on the sail, you've got good eyes Homer! It's from that good old Greek tragedy Prometheus Bound, and makes reference to the "Holy Aether," how appropriate is that after all these years?

If you hanker for your very own one-of-a-kind QSL, see about us!

Click on over to our custom design page right here.

Post Script:

Here's the POSEIDON Transceiver we orginally drew for Billy's QSL. It proved a little too detailed once shrunk down to QSL format size, so we simplified the QSL radio and passed this gussied-up image on to SV1QFV as a extra keepsake of our collaboration.




Hams Blank Fake News

When all else failed miserably in Washington to protect the Homeland from fake news, hacked presidential elections and like really strategic Vermont electric companies, it took but a few amateur radio operators and rocketeers to solve the problem on New Year's Day, 2017.

Hamland Security Systems is the latest private space venture, but worlds away from big-budget high-flyers like SpaceX, Blue Horizon and Virgin Galactic.

From a back yard launch facility in New York's Hudson River Valley, utilizing a whole bunch of Estes rocket boosters all tied together, HSS lofted an off-the-shelf Cold War era ham radio accessory into high polar orbit, effectively placing an impenetrable electronic tinfoil helmet over every square inch of our Glorious Affordable Lovely Mother Homeland.

"We were going to call ourselves "Gloriously Affordable Lovely Mother Homeland Security" to dramatize our advantage over the plain old Department of Homeland Security," exclaimed an HSS spokesperson who declined to be identified. "But then somebody suggested "Hamland Security Systems," which sounded all bluff and buff and Men in Black Tahoes and everything, only with ham radio, so we went with that."

HSS claims to have purchased the Woodpecker Blanker for just five dollars last summer at a local hamfest. To counter the growing strategic threat in the South China Sea, the group is currently modifying a second Woodpecker Blanker found in the basement of an abandoned S.S. Kresge Five & Dime.

"You couldn't beat Nicholls' patented Ninotchka Filter for blanking Soviet over-the-horizon radar interference," allowed an HSS geek who spoke in a funny voice for the purpose of anonymity. "But that whole Spratley thing is a different kettle of Kung Pao Shrimp. We can't reveal exactly what we're doing, but not for nothing, MSG is the new DSP."


ALT-Ham Fresh & Absolutely Free!

Big Ham Media has its place by gee, but sometimes you want something fresh and off-beat yet professionally written and illustrated to boot. That's the beauty of the K9YA Telegraph eZine. For nothing? Really? RR! Not a penny. Sign up for your free suscription now. In the interest of transparency, K1NSSyes me, there, I said it–does a fresh cartoon every issue exclusive to the K9YA Telegraph, because you never outgrow your need for ham radio funnies! Sign up now and join the fun.



Baffled Crypto-Bio Boffins Discover NORMAL HAM!

EXCLUSIVE TO DASHTOONS Loch Ness Scotland 12.16.16

Searching for the elusive Loch Ness Monster, a team comprised of the world's most distinguished crypto-biologists has announced their discovery of a mythical creature still more elusive.

"He's a ham all right," exclaimed team leader Dr. Buddy Canasta. "And we have every reason to believe he's the only normal Old Man in the world."

"We've seen his license, his shack, his 100 watt radio and dipole antenna. There were some QSL cards on the wall, a junk box with a few old radio parts, and a small stack of RADCOM back numbers, all the markers."

"Beyond that, his normality was jaw-dropping."

"We encountered him last week in a pub after a very long, very cold, wet, unlucky day out on the loch. No monster. Bupkis. So we head over to the Leaky Haggis for a few pops and there he was, telling somebody at the bar about talking to some guy in Pittsburgh. No big deal. Not like he was the cat's ass or anything, just small plain chat in an unpretentious pub, the kind of place that only serves one color of quinoa, deep-fried with blood sausage accompanied by an Irn-Bru ragù plated on newspaper. Keeps the New Money away."

"We didn't want to scare him off, so we discreetly asked a few patrons if this apparent ham was, you know, normal."

"Johnny? Normal? they said. Aye he's a right bastard! They all said about the same thing. Not a word of weird uttered against the Old Man. Sure, Johnny did a little ham radio, but it wasn't any bigger part of his life than brushing his teeth or admiring a sunset. Spent most of his spare time with the wife and kids. While he enjoyed a real ale or a wee dram now and then and placed a bet every so often, Johnny kept both feet on the ground to the envy of all Loch Ness. And trust me, for the sake of healthy custom, these people keep up a good face with all the loonies parading through town, but they know normal and amongst themselves take every opportunity to cherish it."


Dashtoons may have further reports on the only normal ham in the world, pending his successful capture and installation at a zoo yet to be named.

Stay tuned, but if you need to go out shopping or something, that's OK, we'll be running this exclusive report, like everything else we post, for years to come.








QSL design ©2016 N4DSP with permission






DX has never been closer.

RemoteHamRadio is a dogbona fide Dash!Chum and Hudson Valley neighbor. Their Empire State HQ is just down the river from us and RHR has been among our corporate ham graphics clients.

K1NSS is QRV via RHR and we look forward to QSOing with you and many more new, old and yet unmet friends around the world.

If you'd like K1NSS QSL wallpaper, just work us and please drop us an SASE with yours. We're good in QRZ.

We love QSLs madly and enjoy all we receive.


Heard Mug Hangs-In.

This VKØEK Souvenir Penguin Mug is still waiting patiently for you. Or maybe you already have yours, but what a swell hammy holiday gift to celebrate your DX buddies' ATNO of a lifetime.

Our official expedition-authorized K1NSS Penguin Chow Line souvenir mug remains very much available at Dashtoons' Swag Site AKA Dashtoons Mall.

Imagine these little rascals waitin' on New One Soup all around your morning coffee or your late night DX-chasing cuppa caffeinated performance enhancer.

Big 15-ounce capacity, with a nice solid feel like all our other Dash!Mugs, these babies hang in for the long haul. Check 'em out now at our easy-peasy CafePress shop. And while you're there, take a gander at all our radio-based fun stuff designed by me, Jeff K1NSS, the joker who draws art for shacks.

Do You Write Ham?

Besides designing QSLs and logos for some of the world's smoothest operators, we illustrate book covers for some of amateur radio's best-known authors, including NO NONSENSE! Study Guide guy Dan Romanchik KB6NU and Ward Silver NØAX.

Our rates are easily affordable even if you're new to publishing, and we'll work with you for a splashy original current look that you'll own outright, no fuss or muss.

Click our K1NSS Design Logo & Illustration page for more info. Plus we're always happy to field any questions about your project and how we might help you out.

What's it like to work up a cover with us? Ask those FB OPs!