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You can't keep a great name like Gotham down for long.

Building on a heritage of fantastic claims and shipping & handling not included, Gotham Antennas of Cottage #3, Conch Shell Motor Court, Hollywood Florida came back from the dead several years ago with Sunspot-Colored Sunglasses.

Well, now that there's no need to use our imaginations, the ham marketing geniuses at Gotham again shifted gears and scaled-up a forgotten antenna design for a new generation of positive thinkers.

Introducing Big G. Yes, this antenna is guaranteed to offend all Homeowner Associations or double your money back. Like, what's the point if you can't get whip a bunch of vegan hoity-toitys into an apocalypic hissy-fit?

Plug ugly. Big as a house if you live in a Titan missle silo. And if the ham bands are dead, through no fault of this antenna Gotham adds, Big G has a thousand and one household uses, two of which have been identified and others to be rolled out any day now.

Plus Gotham offers tweakers Antenna Grade aluminum foil for precision optmization, essential for weird bands like that wacky 60 meters and those off-the wall UHF channels that show a lot of monster movies and underwrite their good works with Tony Robbins Marathons.

Ask for your Gotham Big G vertical wherever fine ham radio antennas are sold, and tell 'em Dashtoons sent you!





Big Picture.

Dash!Chums, thanks for putting us on on the map.

K1NSS Custom QSL and Dashstoons are going global thanks to your support. To our customers and fans, a big thank you for rocking our world.



la Collection YL
de K1NSS.

You're invited to step back into YL QSL history in our new online gallery.

We're a long way from hanging the whole shootin' match, and we're a little short on Chablis and cheesse and crackers for the opening, but we do offer a some curious, cool and sweetly retro YL cards for your appreciation.



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Short Wave, Long Term.

Calling all Friends of the Short Waves!

We're spreading the word about Ears To Our World, a charity founded by Dash!Chum Thomas Witherspoon, K4SWL.

ETOW distributes wind-up radios to isolated villages around the world, an effort inspired by the beguiling radio magic about which we're all mad as hatters.

Here at Dashtoons, we kid radio because we love radio, make no mistake about that. So smitten, we support Ears To Our World as a vital 21st century force for public education and personal liberation. Plain and simple, radio is all about becoming airborne – that's what it was to us and remains so in this digital age, especially in remote and developing areas beyond the internet, cell phones and electric power.

Featured in Wall Street Journal magazine, ETOW makes it very easy to contribute whatever you can to foster communications where it's needed most.

Check out the Ears To Our World site now and join us in supporting a good thing for a better world.

Just between you and me and Dash!, it's personal.