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Thanks to those who attended our New York Art For Shacks opening at the Orange County ARC Hamfest, this past Sunday in Middletown. Great to see and meet old friends and get to know some new ones. We most appreciate your support.




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No flies on Dash! He's Mr. Paperless Breakfast Nook with his fancy-schmancy mePad 'n Morning Moca Java – enjoying his monthly mighty K9YA Telegraph, amateur radio's premier eZine. The Telegraph is brimming with the best of our hobby, published by Chicago's reknowned Robert F. Heytow Memorial Radio Club and by gee it's free! CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE.





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One of the world's most prestigious DX organizations has given our great adventure a very big boost.

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Yes, we do ads.

We put the above together for David N7RK, proprietor of Arizona Tube Supply as a token of thanks for sharing his amazing kid ham story below.

The ad is based around David's own photograph. That was Photoshopped a tad, wedded to some splashy color and smart font and voilà, a new look for Arizona Tube Supply, which BTW we personally recommend. I bought a 4D32 final for my drydocked Johnson Viking One, and was very pleased how promptly the tube arrived and and how well it was packed. Thumbs up from me and Dash!

PS: If you're in biz, ham or otherwise, get in touch with me for bright bold graphic design at very reasonable rates.


N7RK image, with permission

Shut Up!


Editor's Note: Major Dash!Chum David Hollander, N7RK let slip in a recent Facebook exhange that his teenage Explorer Post was sponsored by Collins Radio.


Not the half of it, actually. So we prevailed on David's generous nature to share his story with our Dear Readers.

N7RK image, with permission


A Communications Explorer Post Sponsored by Collins Radio in the 60s

by Dave Hollander N7RK, ex-WB6NRK, Phoenix, Arizona

Back when I was a junior in high school in 1967 in southern California, I was fortunate to be a member of an Explorer Post that was sponsored by Collins Radio. This was Communications Explorer Post 340 in Newport Beach, California. My dad, a new ham at the time happened to work at that plant. And that was how I found out about it. Don’t recall all the details as this is getting close to 50 years ago.

As I recall, the Post was divided up into several different groups who had different interests and worked on different projects. I was part of the ham radio group and I honestly do not recall what we actually did. The other groups I remember were working on some kind of lunar landing vehicle and early computers. Remember that this was a few years before the landing on the moon.

N7RK image, with permission

So what did Collins Radio do for us besides being sponsors and letting is meet at their facility? In the case of the ham radio group, they provided us with a trailer equipped with a Collins S-Line and we had a Collins Log Periodic antenna on a 80 foot tower near the trailer. This was a young ham’s dream. Being that my dad had an S-Line at home and we had a 5 element 20 meter beam on a 55 foot boom at our house, I did not spend much time at the trailer. I also had the same Collins Radio QSL cards as the employees which can be seen in one of the pictures.

Although the post was open to anyone, the majority of the kids in it were sons of employees. I believe there were a few girls also but I don’t remember for sure. We did not have to wear uniforms as most Explorer scout troops did. We simply had red jackets with a special patch on it. The patch is in one of the pictures.

We also went on tech related field trips. The only two I remember were these two.

We took a trip out to and had a tour of Goldstone Deep Space Observatory in the Mohave desert about 4 hours from Newport Beach. My dad had actually been involved with this project when it was being built in the late 1950’s.

The other was an overnight rip up to the bay area. We toured the Linear Accelerator at Stanford and than took a tour of a Hewlett Packard faciility. We stayed in a frat house at for two nights. You can only imagine the harassment we put up with being “boy scouts” staying in a frat house. The HP tour was interesting in that going through one of the labs, I saw a QSL card on one of the tech’s benches and recognized the call as a fellow I had worked several times when were both novice’s four years prior. I said hello, he did remember me and we a short eyeball QSO.

Does this explorer post still exist? Good question. The Collins Radio facility became Rockwell many years ago. It’s still there located across the road from the Orange County Airport but it’s now Connexiant Semiconductors. A google search  brought up” Post 340 - electronics and computer systems - Irvine, California” which is the same location but it turned out to be a dead link and the link was on a page from 2004.  I would say that it is probably gone now. This was a fun experience for a young ham!




Dan, KB6NU, author of the "No-Nonsense" license study guides, 21 Things to Do After You Get Your Amateur Radio License, and The CW Geek's Guide to Having Fun with Morse Code, credits the covers that I designed for him with "taking his books to the next level."

All of Dan's book are designed to help you have more fun with ham radio. They are 100% ham-created and ready to rock your tablet or look classically cool as a traditional paperback.


Dan writes for the new radio amateur. So if you're just beginning (or catching up!), click below to find these books online.

2015 No-Nonsense Technician Class License Study Guide

21 Things To Do After You Get Your Amateur Radio License

The CW Geek's Guide to Having Fun With Morse Code

You can't miss 'em.

And if you're a ham author, advertiser or anyone in search of high-visibility graphics, that's not for nothin'.




AK5SD duck

Wanna buy a duck?


Sorry, Scott AK5SD already spoke for this OC (Old Canard) on his new K1NSS Custom QSL design. But if you're looking to add wild life to your sleepy ol' card, give us a shout and we'll put you in your very own one-a-kind keeper.

Click here and take a gander where we put Scott!

PS: Yes, our fowlish wordplay is a little loosey-goosey, but 2B precise, we do know the difference between ganders and drakes.





For Fun, For Real!

No kidding, who sez an ad can't give you a giggle? We're thumping the tub for the very real Ozark Patrol short wave radio kit on behalf of designer David NMØS and his Heartland low powerhouse pals, the 4State QRP Group.

An accomplished 21st century digital engineer and spread-the-gospel amateur radio operator, NMØS was determined to reanimate ancient wireless magic and enthrall and enlighten Makers of all ages.

Available through 4State QRP Group, this NO SMT kit empowers almost anyone with basic soldering skills to build a rocking postmodern update of the classic regenerative receiver, the sensitive, simply marvelous set of wings that carried so many of us airborne.


Click on over to 4State QRP Group for all the good news about easy, accessible, make your own short wave adventure.

Ozark Patrol.

For someone you love, the way to spread some wings.

For you, sweet Déjà vu all over again.



It's Alive!

Our Wild Ones rollout for K1NSS Design is only a taste of video tub-thumping to come from Studio Dashtoons. As usual, we hope our ballyhoo at very least amuses you like a

clown and in time will beguile you with mindless repetition and subtle use of weird alliterative tricks.



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Drink Like a Ham

Every shack needs at least one extremely official Dash!Mug Contest Performance Enhancer Delivery System.

Shoot, if you're a bona fide Multi-Multi-Mucky-Muck of a radiosporting competitor, you'll need a stacked array of our specialized lucky contest mugs. More Mults. More Qs. More Buzz. Null Murphy. We run the gamut of GO!GO!GO! when it comes to winning style.

And hey, if you're a World Class Contest Hater, our Lucky Contest Mugs are just the match to light your fuse and set off a truly thermonuclear rant.

But suppose you're all about homebrew ham radio? Check out our Hot Lead/High Voltage mugs and T shirts.

Pulling your hair out over that homebrew Altoid QRP Munchkin Monobander? Deal yourself a dose of courage with our Hair of the Dogbone shot glass!

So drink like a ham and collect what makes you smile.

At last, semi-sophisticated, non-generic, Thinking Ham's swag designed by a real OM artist going for broke on the bleeding edge of amateur radio novelty merchandising.

For real, he's me!


Here's lookin' at you.





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Citizen Ham splashCitizen Ham 01CB scratch 02

To be continued...

Sometimes, like Franz Kafka's Gregor Samsa, we discover things about ourselves that ain't pretty. While our hero Dash! didn't wake up to discover himself changed into a giant insect, he did suffer something of a similar shock above.


To his horror, he began to understand why he recalled a young attraction to outboard car radio reverb units. In the old days we kid hams ridiculed that kind of electronic toy as "CB." But man, those Lafayette Radio reverbs could really spice up some boring tunes. Of course, mounting one of those puppies on your bike handlebars would look ever more cheesy than the six-transistor duct-taped to your headlamp. And then, like the transistor, you'd have to take it with you inside the public library when you went back in the stacks looking for lost radio books. So the real stumbling block was convincing Dad to let you install one in the family wagon. Long time ago, right? Maybe, but some old fears and repressed anxieties have a way of festering just below the surface, only to manifest themselves weeks, months, or fifty years later.

And so our little story begins.





Distinctly Different PromoImage ©2015 WY9U used with permission - see Shane's complete QSL in our Custom Portfolio

About your QSL card.

Is this the year?

If you come around here much you've seen what we've done in concert with smooth operators all around the world. And if you're new to these parts, why not click on over to our K1NSS Custom QSL Portfolio and take a good look.

Our clients play a major role in designs we create. We couldn't begin to make it up. Many of these hams have done and do some wild stuff - from racing dragsters and flying jets off aircraft carriers, to keeping bees and hiking with goats to put Summits On The Air. And now their custom QSL cards show it .

Of course, more K1NSS Custom clients are everyday ops like us, who just get a kick from sending out QSL cards that tell something of their own stories in a bright, bold, fun and distinctly different way.

Get the big picture at our Custom Design Page.

This could well be the year your QSL becomes all about you.